Course Description

This course outlines the Imagination Yoga 10-week Calm Curriculum. Each video includes techniques, ideas and activities that help Certified Imagination Yoga teachers inspire and explain calm to the children in their yoga classes.

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Certified IY Teachers can email [email protected] to purchase the Calm Curriculum, which includes:

  • access to this course
  • The 10-week curriculum manual (shipped at no charge)
  • 8 new IY Adventures
  • 1 IY new game

Imagination Yoga

Welcome to Imagination Yoga’s online learning site. We wanted to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves and welcome you to Imagination Yoga. We are Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic: sisters, business partners, and women who are profoundly grateful to get to do this as our job and walk this path together. What an honor it is to have the opportunity to offer Imagination Yoga online as a vehicle to bring kids yoga poses, benefits, and activities to a larger audience… to YOU! These online trainings are a reflection of years of trial and error to see what works, what doesn’t and what is going to be the most effective and fun way to inspire movement, creativity, calm, concentration and kindness to kids of all ages. As classroom teachers and parents we have not only taught the concepts included in these videos as a part of our own classroom curriculum, but also to our own children at home. So, welcome to this site, welcome to Imagination Yoga, and welcome to the profoundly effective world of kids yoga. With much love and gratitude, Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Calm Curriculum Overview

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Calm Week 1

    • What is Calm?

  • 3

    Calm Week 2

    • Finding Stillness

  • 4

    Calm Week 3

    • Follow Your Breath

  • 5

    Calm Week 4

    • Sand Timer

  • 6

    Calm Week 5

    • Imagination Yoga Game

  • 7

    Calm Week 6

    • Bee Breath

  • 8

    Calm Week 7

    • The Calm and Wild Side of Nature

  • 9

    Calm Week 8

    • Kind To Me Day

  • 10

    Calm Week 9

    • Notice and Name

  • 11

    Calm Week 10

    • Practicing Calm in the Real World